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Coronavirus advice: What's going on?

Coronavirus advice for young people

You’ll have been hearing all about the Coronavirus that is affecting the world at the moment. It’s meant some big changes for all of us.

It might be that your school or college is closed for now. You’ll also not be able to see friends or family who don’t live with you. But this is just for a little while, and it’s to help stop the virus from spreading.

The Government and scientists from across the world are working together to tackle the new virus (also called COVID-19). Across the UK, there are some rules in place at the moment to help protect us all as much as possible.

These are just temporary rules:

  • Everyone must now stay at home (you might hear the word self-isolate)
  • Some adults can go out if their job is essential (e.g. doctors, nurses, police, fire service, carers, supermarket staff). These are known as key workers.
  • Adults are allowed out to go to supermarkets and for medicines but only to get things they really need, and not often.
  • You are allowed outside for exercise, and you must only go with people you live with.
  • If you’re outside for a walk/exercise and see other people, you need to keep apart (so no meeting up with friends!)

With these new rules in place it has meant that Wirral’s youth hubs and clubs have had to close for a little while. Don’t worry, the lovely Youth Matters team is working on some virtual content to keep in touch with you!

Take a look at The Hive’s social media as they’re regularly uploading content to help with any boredom!

The BBC Newsround website has lots of helpful information about Coronavirus, if you need more information.

How you can look after yourself:

  • Listen to your parents/carers as they will be there to tell you what you need to do and answer any questions.
  • Wash your hand regularly for 20 seconds, especially if you’ve been outside. Here’s a video that shows how to wash your hands properly.
  • Stay in the house unless you’re going out for your one exercise a day.
  • If you feel unwell let your parent/carer know.
  • Don’t read/watch too much news on TV or social media
  • Video chat with friends and family to keep in touch
  • If you’re feeling worried or scared talk to someone about what’s on your mind
  • Use the time indoors to enjoy a hobby or to learn a new one

All these changes might seem scary and it’s completely fine to be worried, but please remember they’re only temporary and the more we all listen to the rules the quicker scientists can tackle the virus!

Stay home, stay safe.