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Wirral Local Offer

What is the Wirral Local Offer?

Wirral’s Local Offer sets out what is available in your area if you have special educational needs and or a disability.

The local offer is developed and reviewed with people who provide services and people who use those services.  It is clear and easy to use, and includes all of the services available.

Wirral’s Local Offer will help you:

  • find the information you need about education and training, health services and care services, so that you are less dependent on other people to do this for you
  • find the nearest and most suitable services for you
  • find information about leisure activities and support groups
  • make services more responsive to local needs as it enables you to provide feedback about existing services and which services are important to you and what services are needed
  • feedback any concerns or complaints

Visit the Local Offer Wirral website to find out more

You can view leisure services for young disabled people on the Local Offer website.